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Casting Billboard features a wide variety of theatrical, commercial, hosting, background, stunt, print, and voiceover jobs posted daily. Projects posted on Casting Billboard are screened and approved by a member of the Casting Networks staff.


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  • Add a personalized note for the Casting Director about the project or your submission
  • You have the option to pay per submission or subscribe to Casting Billboard Unlimited


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Talent Scout is your introduction to Agents and Managers in your area and is free for talent with personal accounts. Specify what type of representation you’re looking for and you will be searchable by prospective Agents and Managers at any time.


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Photos Unlimited - $6.00 per month

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Submit yourself to as many projects as you’d like without having to pay per submission.


Just a few of the companies using Casting Networks to find talent for their projects. 



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Upload unlimited video and audio clips to your account for use with our other services. Anything you upload can be attached to your resume or submitted to projects.




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