CNI Statement


On behalf of everyone at Casting Networks, I apologise unreservedly for the unverified posting that appeared recently on our public billboard for a supermarket commercial.


Casting Networks is a software service utilised by Casting Directors for posting jobs for actors. We are not the authors of these postings, nor are we an agency. The unfortunate views expressed in this instance are not what CNI stands for. We are a responsible organisation and we take a very dim view of this matter.


Our software is simply a portal for the exchange of information regarding the casting of acting jobs. We do not, however, scrutinize the content posted by accredited Casting Directors, being those we have previously vetted for their exemplary reputation and long-standing in the industry.


Upon being made aware of the content of this particular job posting, we immediately withdrew it from our site and alerted the Casting Director responsible so that they can inform their clients accordingly.


Again, we apologise for the upset that this post has undoubtedly caused, and as someone who lived for many happy years among the magnificent people of Liverpool, I am personally disappointed in the most unfortunate sentiments that were expressed by the third parties. My colleagues in the UK and throughout our international organisation share these feelings of disappointment.



Glen Ward